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 Heritage on Fingertips

Heritage on Fingertips ( 6eps, 25mins each )

Language Version: Chinese, English

Partner: Companion (Beijing) Culture and Media Co., Ltd., China Intercontinental Communication Center

Year: 2015

Chinese skill of traditional handicrafts are handed down from generation to generation, it contains the wisdom of the Chinese people, provides a unique national character and cultural quality of the Chinese nation. With its vivid charm renowned at home and abroad, it is a shining pearl in the world civilization, an important part of Chinese traditional culture, is a precious cultural heritage of the nation. This program covers 6 chinese handicrafts named Clay Figurine Zhang, Jade Carving, Suzhou Embroidery, Zisha Teapot, Gold Lacquered Wood Carving, She Inkstone. With the exquisite handicrafts and their makers stories, the audiences will get a glimpse of Chinese wisdom.

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